5th August

I ran my usual 10km (Abery/Haygarth) this morning at 5am. It was really hard to get out of bed, and get myself there. I had been awake with an active mind since 3am. But as always, I am so glad I got out and ran. And always so much easier when meeting other people. I feel so incredibly unfit, and carrying an extra 3kgs does seem to make a big difference. I am determined to lose the winter coat and to get my fitness back up where it was 2 months ago. However I do think that a 2 month break after Comrades has been important. I don’t know how the elite runners manage to keep on training at such an intensity without breaking down. I now have to work very hard to get my running going again. My right hamstring is also worrying me. I do think that some proper stretching and perhaps Yoga will help immensely. I need to go back to yoga.


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