30 day Blog Challenge

I came across Natalie Sisson and her Suitcase Entrepreneur site a few weeks ago and the timing was perfect.  She has really inspired me and led me to think big!  I am embarking on a new career and have just finished my Personal Trainer Qualification.  I have been a ‘Stay-at-Home’ Mom for 10 years.  I am starting a business from home where I will train people in groups in a ‘Bootcamp’ style and train others one on one.  I also want to set up an online coaching and training business.  My passion is my running and I have run for many years and have still got lots of running to do.

So this blog is an experiment, to see how the world of blogging works, and how to blog.  I want to see how I manage ‘blogging’ and it is to see what opportunities are out there for my new business venture.  I am still feeling my way around, so it is a bit of an eclectic mixture of personal stuff, journaling stuff and new business ideas and concepts.  I have been stale and uninspired for the last few years.  I feel very inspired and as if the time has come to re-invent myself.

I am hoping to reach potential new clients and to learn as much as I can along the way.

I am very excited, and inspired.



2 thoughts on “30 day Blog Challenge

  1. Hi, you have reminded me how great blogging is! I did it to keep me accountable to get my healthy vegie garden going and it so works. It adds another dimension to getting things done in life that you really love.

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